Tomasz Mackiewicz

Tomasz Mackiewicz


Tomasz Mackiewicz is a construction worker, an explorer, a Himalayan climber and a campaigner.

In 2008, he did a 450 km trek across Alaska, taking in a first Polish assault on Mount Logan (5959m). He has also reached the summit of Khan Tengri (7010m), which he climbed solo.

His ambition for many years has been to reach the summit of Nanga Parbat (8126m) – one of only two Himalayan peaks never to have been climbed during Winter.

In March 2014, Tomasz led the “Nanga Dream – Justice4All” assault on the summit. Although the expedition was unsuccessful, Tomasz was the first person to reach the 7,400m altitude in 18 years.

The attempt on the summit was sponsored by private donations using crowd funding.