Slawomir Kumka

Slawomir Kumka

Program Director

IBM Software Lab


Sławomir Kumka is experienced Senior Software Development Manager. He works for Krakow Software Laboratory of IBM. Slawek joined IBM in 2010 and works from this time as Program Director and owns development of one of Smart Cloud and Infrastructure Products. The role includes all aspects of that software product development – Software Engineering, Test and Support. Sławek manages 60+ persons organization and is one of the most senior leaders in Krakow IBM Laboratory.

Sławek started his professional career in 1995 in one of the first abroad companies which started software development business in Kraków – IGE+XAO. In IGE+XAO he went long path from Software Developer role until Technical Director position.

In 2008 he took over opportunity to work as a Development Director to create and settle down Software Development and Research department of Apriso company. This the US based company provides software for Manufacturing Execution Systems and recently was acquired by Dassault System.

Sławek graduated from AGH (technical University of Krakow) with master’s degree in computer science. Currently Sławek finishes MBA study at Warwick Business School (WBS). WBS is the largest academic department of the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom.