15th May 2014

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Date 15th May 2014
Venue Sheraton Hotel, Krakow
Agenda Item Registration and Breakfast
Start time 08:30
Duration 45 minutes
Agenda Item Welcome
Start time 09:15
Duration 15 minutes
Speakers Andrew Hallam, General Secretary, ASPIRE
Agenda Item BPO and Shared Services: The Next 5 years
Start time 9:30
Duration 60 minutes
Speakers Richard Jones, Chairman, Genfour
Vivek Jassal, Vice President & Delivery Head Continental Europe HCL Infrastructure Services
Paul Van Beveren, Managing Director, BPO Delivery North & Central Europe, Accenture
Simon Seymour, Global Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory, PwC
Moderator Romek Lubaczewski, Consulting Leader, Poland, PwC
Agenda Item Coffee break
Start time 10:30
Duration 20 minutes
Agenda Item Challenges for the European economy and the European project
Start time 10:50
Duration 25 minutes
Speakers Yves Mersch, Governor, Central Bank of Luxembourg; Member of the Executive Council, European Central Bank
Moderator Szymon Malecki, Managing Director, Euroscript
Agenda Item Looking West: What we can learn from Dublin?
Start time 11:15
Duration 45 minutes
Speakers Michael McDonald, Managing Director, Brown Brothers Harriman Poland
Susan Cox, Managing Director, CoxFitzsimonsWilkes
Moderator Eoin McCoy, Site Director, GE Healthcare
Agenda Item Looking East: How will events in the Ukraine impact Poland and the business services and technology sector
Start time 12:00
Duration 45 minutes
Speakers Taras Kitsmey, Founder, SoftServe
Moderator Ramon Tancinco, Cisco Systems
Agenda Item Lunch
Start time 12:45
Duration 1 hour 15 minutes
Work streams
300 Days: Local Commitment, Global Results
Start time
3 hours
Growing the Talent Pool Creating an Engaged Workforce Innovating the Work Environment Seeding Diversity and Collaboration
Start time Interactive workshops exploring local strategies and tools in 4 key areas to make our industry more competitive & more sustainable.

Looking at new data from the ASPIRE Market Survey and other new research each group will look to identify key areas for performance improvement.

The task of each group will be to deliver a 300 day action plan for the industry.

Agenda Item Close
Start time 17:00
Networking Reception and Barbecue
Venue Sheraton Hotel, Roof Terrace & Patio Garden
Start time from 17:00